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tools icon  Finding a Print Journal

When searching for the full text of an article in our databases you may get the following message:

“Full Text:
Full Text Access
Available in print at Winona Campus Library.”

This means you will need to access the article in print at the Winona Campus Fitzgerald Library. If you are not on the Winona Campus you can contact a librarian to request that a scan of the article be emailed to you. 

You can find the journal on the main level of the Library and it will be shelved alphabetically by title.

The Library owns the volumes/years shown in the message.  Check the citation for your article to see whether the Library has the volume/year that you need.

Bring a copy of the citation–journal title, volume number, issue number, date and page numbers to the Library so that you can find the journal on the shelf.

Librarians will be happy to help you located the journal;  just ask at the reference desk or call 507-457-1562


What’s in a Citation?

Suppose you have the following citation and want a copy of the article.

Bennet, Rod. “Stewardship calls us to reach out into the world.” Our Sunday Visitor, 95(26):10 (Oct 22 2006).

  • Rod Bennet is the author of the article.
  • “Stewardship calls us to reach out into the world.” is the title of the article
  • Our Sunday Visitor is the title of the journal
  • 95(26):10 stands for volume 95, issue 26, page 10
  • Oct 22 2006 is the date

If you have any questions about accessing our print journal collection call the Research Desk at (507) 457-1562 or use our Ask a Librarian service.

Contact Information:

Ann Jacques Circulation Manager

Lauren Leighton
(507) 457-1564