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Selected Resources
From the United States Copyright Office, Library of Congress. Key information. Includes Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians

Copyright for the Rest of Us: A Guide for People Who Aren’t Lawyers
Abstract: For those who want to teach or learn more about American copyright law, Copyright For The Rest Of Us is the book to use. Eleven chapters, with illustrations, outline concepts such as basic copyright law, where to find it, and how to apply copyright law in many common situations. Each chapter includes a set of scenarios or discussion questions for use on your own or in class. Many chapters, such as “Music and Copyright” can be used on their own. Copyright For The Rest Of Us is licensed under a Creative Commons license, so students or instructors may read, download, or print no charge.

Copyright Information and Education
From the University of Minnesota, a comprehensive site for copyright issues affecting teaching, research, and library use. Also includes latest legislation and news, faqs, and the Copyright Decision Map to help guide the decision-making process involving the use of copyright-protected materials.

Copyright Issues in the Public Performance of Music
A SlideShare presentation from a King’s University librarian.

Copyright Quick Guide
From Columbia University–another comprehensive site. Good section on posting materials to an online content management system.

Rutgers University Library’s Copyright Site

Excellent guide for faculty and students on copyright and fair use.


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