In support of October as Disabilities Awareness Month the October 21st session featured Karen Hemker (Director of Disability Services), Jason Spartz (Director of Instructional Technology), and Matt Klosky (Social Sciences Lecturer) introducing Universal Design concepts and strategies. 

Read and Write for Google was first on the agenda with two of Hemker’s  students describing how the program works for them and how it can work for all students, not just those with disabilities.  The “Mike and Moe Show,” as they titled their spirited offering, will be presented across the SMU campus to garner more buy in for the Google program. 

Hemker, Spartz, and Klosky continued the discussion of Universal Design for Learning concepts, with Klosky providing the results of a survey that tracked how faculty are using UDL strategies. Specific examples of classroom strategies were highlighted sparking a lively question and answer session with the audience.

Missed the session?  View it here on Tegrity