Jason Spartz (Instructional Technology) opened the session with a fascinating discussion of the newest phenomenon in the printing world, 3-D printing. The College currently owns two 3-D printers, and, although Jason did not actually bring one in to demonstrate, he did provide a plastic artifact that had been created by one of them to demonstrate what these printers can do.  He also provided extensive information about how these printers are being used from the business world to the commercial kitchen and suggested ways in which the SMUMN community might get involved. 

Michael Ratajczyk (Business) concluded the session with an explanation of business intelligence, sometimes referred to as big data. This is the subject matter of a course he currently teaches.  In his presentation Ratajczyk described some of the analysis that his students get involved in and talked about how they will be able to use these skills in the real world. 

Missed the session?  Watch it here on Tegrity.