The first Chat Chow session of the 2014 Fall Semester opened to a large crowd and featured four presenters touting the efficacy of Google applications.

 Moni Berg-Binder (Biology) led with a demonstration of how she is using Google Drive as an organizational tool.  Berg-Binder has set up file sharing with her students and with her department  to effectively organize, not only her teaching, but also her departmental work.  Departmental use of  Google Drive  has enabled biology faculty to share course information and teaching tools, as well as to communicate online, cutting down on face to face meeting times.

Karen Hemker, Director of Disability Services, was up next describing how she is using a variety of Google applications to more effectively organize her work flow, serve student needs, and save paper. Students use  iPads to enter their information into a Google Form where their privacy can be assured.  She schedules her students using Google Drive and she uses Google Hang Out to meet with professional colleagues online so she no longer must travel off campus for professional development.

Lori Charron (Communication) and Jason Spartz (Educational Technology) closed the session with an explanation of how Google works with PRCA-24 (Personal Report of Communication Apprehension) and Personal Inventory data collection.  Information from Charron’s COM 101 students are collected in Google Forms and transferred into a useful spreadsheet, all the math involved accomplished within the process.

Missed the session?  View it here in Tegrity.