In this session, “What Have You Done for me Lately,” four faculty members described how they are using a variety of different e-portfolio programs to provide opportunities for students to document their achievements.  Dean Beckman (Communications) uses eFolio, a free portfolio resource for Minnesota residents, students, and workers, in two of his classes. Students use these programs as a way to market themselves to future employees.  Their work on these portfolios is part of their grade. One of Beckman’s students, Jesus Martinez, demonstrated how he has used the program to effectively package his professional activities, his education, and his skills.

Trisha Karr and Mario de Calvo, both from the Psychology Department, use Google Sites, a structured wiki and web page creation tool, with their classes for portfolio development. Again the long term purpose of the tool is to help students market themselves to future employers.  The tool’s  multi-tier permissions and accessibility feature (owner, editor, and viewer) insures that the students’ work can be safely shared with instructors, classmates, and future employers. It has a presentation feature as well and allows for easy insertion of videos.

Lisa Truax (Art) demonstrated how her students use a variety of sharing apps such as ArtSite, which “combines a teaching Museum to spark an appreciation of global art and civilization with a Gallery and Portfolio where students display and share their own art and writing” and  Three Ring, in which students use mobile phones or iPads to take pictures of work or to record presentations and discussions. Her students also create their own web sites in their Web Design class and then use these sites to showcase the art work they have created while at SMU, again providing effective “resumes.”

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