Chat Chow opened the new school year with a panel discussion by  faculty who worked over the summer teaching online classes.  Panel participants included Carolyn Ayers, Jeff Hefel, Derek Jackson, Brooke Lenz, Larry Price, and Chris Vondracek. Jason Spartz, Director of Instructional Technology, provided opening remarks and some helpful statistics about the new online program. Panelists then shared their experiences and took questions from the audience.  Some of the main points of discussion included the effectiveness of  the in-person pre-instruction sessions, the ability of undergraduates to adjust to the online environment, techniques used for garnering participation and timeliness, use of technologies such as Blackboard, Skype, and blogs, and methods for promoting community and incorporating LaSallian principles.  Overall the panelists indicated that the online teaching experiment went well and that they would be interested in doing it again next year.

Missed this session?  Get Jason Spartz’s PowerPoint. View the whole session on Tegrity.