This semester we are offering 4 new Chat Chow sessions on Fridays at noon in the McEnery Center. Don’t miss  this opportunity for a hot lunch, some cool tips, and stimulating fellowship with the SMU community.

“Addicted to News”  Friday Jan 20
As the world discovered during the “Arab Spring,” one of the most important ways to get the news was in a tweet.  Can educators get in on that trend? Find out how Brett Bodsgard and Dean Beckman are using Twitter in their classrooms.  If we can’t “addict” our students to learning, at least we can keep them engaged.

“Who Wants Yesterday’s Papers?”  Friday Feb 17

No one in Dr. Scott Sorvaag’s paperless classes needs to worry about a pile up of yesterday’s papers and reports. Scott, along with some of his students, will talk about how a paperless class works and provide us with a primer for a “greener” classroom.

“And I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”   Friday March 23

If you are still looking for the best new technologies to facilitate teaching and learning, come to this session to hear about what the futurists have seen in their crystal balls.  In this session we will examine the 2012 Horizon Report and provide concrete examples of how the technologies of the future are being harnessed to enhance the teaching practice.

“It’s All Happening at the Zoo”  Friday April 20

What better way to celebrate the onset of Spring then with a trip to a petting zoo? In this session you will have an opportunity to “pet” some of the latest technologies–the Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch, the Nook, iPads, iPods, etc., as well as a variety of new apps.  Stop in for some real “hands on” learning and lots of discussion about how we can use these technologies in the classroom.