The October session of Chat Chow & Web 2.0 focused on Web 2.0 technologies for organizing information flows. Carol Daul-Elhindi demonstrated an easy way to set up RSS feeds from library databases directly into SMU e-mail accounts. Chad Kjorlien showed the group how he uses Google Reader to organize the numerous news feeds he subscribes to into a manageable whole. Delving further into Google, Sarah Bearbower took us to her iGoogle page, demonstrating how to set up a portal using modules that can be linked to the RSS feeds, the blogs and wikis, and anything else that an individual might want to organize on a portal page. Finally Ruth Torstenson Lemasters described how to use Yahoo Pipes to consolidate and filter streams of information using a graphical interface.

Dr. William Crozier was the recipient of the C. C. W. 2.0 door prize after correctly identifying the quote from this session’s title,”don’t waste time mourning, organize,” as a line in a speech given by early union organizer, Joe Hill, as he was about to be executed.

Missed the session? No problem. View it here on Tegrity.