At our welcome back session faculty and staff got a look at what’s new on campus this fall. Chad Kjorlien had the latest from Blackboard, including the the addition of the “Learning Objects” module, which gives users access to a search mechanism, wikis & blogs, an e-portfolio, and Facebook–all within Blackboard. Jason Spartz provided coverage of the new features from Tegrity such as enhanced recording capability, student recording, Tegrity Sandbox, Facebook integration, and sending questions to a professor. We heard from Sarah Bearbower on user storage space and the U-drive migration (the U-drive is the new G-drive). Ruth Torstenson LeMasters highlighted some of the new databases from the library website, and Carol Daul Elhindi urged everyone to become a fan of the library, which now has a presence on Facebook. To get the full story, see this Tegrity Session.

(No winner emerged for the door prize at this session, so there will be an opportunity to win a double prize at our next session. Those of you who were in attendance know what this means. The rest of you might want to watch the Tegrity Session)