More new developments in the library. Our faithful old MnPALS library catalog has a new off-spring this year–the QuickFitz. It’s a catalog that searches the same materials as MnPALS does, but it does it in a new and more user-friendly way. The interface is cleaner, there are pictures of books along with the textual descriptions, and there are opportunities for user participation (tagging, commenting, etc). Links on the side of the search results screen (faceted searching) make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

If you want to do a more complex search you might still want to use the old MnPALS catalog which we have renamed ClassicFitz. Also, at this point the QuickFitz still does not have the interlibrary loan feature up and running. So to submit orders for books from the MnPALS consortium library catalogs you must still use the ClassicFitz (go to the “Other Libraries and Collections” tab to find these catalogs).

Questions? Call (507-457-1562) or stop by the Reference Desk. We will be glad to demo the new features.