Wilson’s Art Index has now been added to our subscription list. It provides indexing for over 450 art journals and magazines. Expect to find here art reproductions, artist biographies, reviews of art work, book reviews, and much more.

You can find Art Index on the Library Web Site in our list of databases for the Fine Arts at <http://www.smumn.edu/sitepages/pid2657.php> or just locate it alphabetically from our list of all SMU databases at <http://www.smumn.edu/sitepages/pid2624.php>.

It can be accessed off campus as well, but you will be asked to supply your SMU user name and password to gain entry.

This is an index and, as such, does not give the user a full text article. To get access to the actual article use the Find It button on the screen. You will either be directed to a database in our system where the text is located or presented with an interlibrary loan form which, if you submit, will activate delivery of the article to you from another library. (more information on interlibrary loan)